How Can Mobile Apps Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

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It is noteworthy that we have moved into the phase of smartphones. One field that is non-stop growing, especially for business purposes, is mobile application development. And because today everything is going digital, mobile apps are also playing a crucial role in digital marketing.


There has been a rise in the worldwide demand for smartphones. Each smartphone utilizes at least one application, and this has totally changed the world we live in. Rather than visiting a particular website and performing activities, use an app and access of each and every information you are looking for at ease.

At this point, the developers at mobile application development company should require to stay updated with the upcoming changes in the mobile phone technologies that help them and their clients to outperform.

Statistics for Mobile Usage

As per the study by Yahoo, around 90% of smartphone users use mobile apps. Google reports that 91% of people having smartphones state they use their phones for ideas while performing a task, and 82% of them research about anything on their phones to collect information before making a purchase. Hence, by the year 2021, there is assumed to be 3,8 billion number of mobile users.


How Mobile Apps Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Experts highly recommend involving app development in digital marketing campaigns. Let’s check out in how many ways mobile app of any brand can help to make its digital marketing successful.

For many reasons, including mobile apps are among the finest ways to fuel the business growth business at fast-pace.

1. Mining Customer Data for Decision Making

Applications can be utilized to mine user data. The simplest method to do this is by connecting the application to a cloud. This will permit marketing and sales representatives to study as well as process information to discover trends through long-term monitoring.

They can utilize the data to make more viable strategies based on unchangeable behavioural patterns found from the business’s user base.

2. Increasing your Audience

An application will increase audiences, as individuals can simply connect to your business through it. You get the chance to interact with a wide audience adequately, rather than confining them looking for you online.

On a worldwide scale, this is a huge expansion in accessibility, as you may have been moved back by geographical location.

3. Using Push Notifications

Push notifications are a successful and efficient way for application developers to retell users of updates or opening the application. For a business, it notifies about new products, deals and services.


You can see these notifications on the lock or home screen of their smartphone, yet aren’t disturbing. It permits killing unwanted notifications, which is superior to desktop site pop-ups that users lack control over.

Push notifications require an entire marketing strategy. You should be enthused about word use and timing, since you have limited patience and time in which you work.

Always test your push notifications cautiously as you would do with the marketing content.


4. Focus on Long Term Metrics and Strategies

A single boost in engagement or traffic after the launch of your first application shows achievement. However, you should consider how that measures up in the long term.

Noteworthy short-term results don’t really mean you will be still successful in the long run. However, it is at least a great way to begin something you need to keep up.

Long term plans are good for businesses, according to this you should make an application strategy that focuses on the long haul.

Getting customer’s feedback prior to building up an application is the most ideal approach to accomplish this. Likewise, you must make a clear, accurate roadmap for features that will assist customers in the years ahead.


5. Streamline Signing Up and Use

This is the most significant and fundamental step that developers will miss, and it can mitigate your efforts. Your application should be usable from the start to the end step. You should make it easy to sign up utilizing social media, including Facebook or to connect it to a site.

Make the interface simple and clean to work on numerous sorts of screens, utilizing the modern adaptive design techniques. All aspects of it should be extremely clear, particularly in the settings.


Digital marketing continually developing because of technological advances, for the present, mobile apps have to turn out to be the game-changers. Smartphone utilization as well as engagement can extend to develop within the next few years, driving an increasing number of companies to hire the best mobile application development company to create interactive mobile apps for them and help boost their sales and engagement.

DoTechOn has the team of professional mobile developers who are equipped with the knowledge of modern technologies who create the most intriguing and appealing mobile applications for global clients. If you want an interactive mobile app for your business, contact us now.


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