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Why Investing in Mobile App Maintenance Services is Beneficial?

Mobile apps for business have earned significant importance, all due to the exposure and convenience it offers. There are different stages involved in building up an app, beginning from hiring a mobile app developing company, brainstorming, designing & development, testing, and deployment. Well, this is not just the end. The next process is app maintenance. This can’t be evaded after your business app is effectively launched in the store. It should be monitored, taken care of, and updated regularly to remain competitive and survive in the pool of other business apps.

DoTechon is well-known for its exceptional and coherent approach to maintenance services as well. No wonder the mobile app maintenance company’s achievement is credited to its systematic accretion of capable specialists and innovative resources, who helps build up the ideal app solutions amid each project. And to guarantee the developed apps’ progressive life span, we offer economical Mobile App Maintenance Services India to our clients.

Our Service Areas


Being the highly emerging Mobile App Maintenance Company Delhi, we offer efficient mobile app maintenance after deployment.

App Updates

Our team can provide app updates that are quite valuable for your users. We also write update descriptions for the app stores!

Latest Feature Implementation

Our development team can integrate new features easily that increase your business possibilities.

OS and Library Updates

We ensure to use OS and library updates that will surely benefit your business as soon as they go live.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are unavoidable but preventable. We can remove bugs after complete testing and work to reduce them in the future.

Performance Enhancements

New updates may make your app slow. We’ll ensure it loads at a fast speed for the best suitable user experience.

Application Security Management

We perform frequent check apps for security breaches, organize documentation and update security tools.

Outstanding Mobile App Maintenance

Our team of technical professionals has expertise in providing mobile app maintenance on all operating system platforms and devices, which results in:

Feature extension

Improving user interface

Enhancing usability

Security maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance Solutions for Improved Performance

As the user base develops with time, low latency, server migration, and various factors come into play. These factors directly impact the performance of your business app. Our proficient team members are here to assist you out with that. To date, we have done large-scale maintenance and server migration for different applications. Our team of experts has not just carved out the configuration to host your app but also revisited and troubleshot due to malfunction.

Technology & Tools for App Maintenance

We have expertise in different trailblazing technologies and tools to uplift your mobile app maintenance process.
Android Studio

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Maintenance Services to Us

We know that each app has varied needs. At DoTechon, our experts draft the most appropriate app maintenance strategies coordinating with your app’s type, prerequisites, and market demands. We assist businesses to enjoy their supremacy in a cut-throat competitive market. Here are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app maintenance services to us:

Proven Expertise

Focus on Core Business Process

Time and Cost Saving

Access to New Resources

Use of Modern Technologies

Managed Risk

Quality End-Result

Round-the-Clock Support

If you outsource mobile app maintenance services to us, we put our best efforts to keep your app as it is newly launched, and meet the often-changing customer’s demands and expectations.

Why Choose DoTechOn?

DoTechon, we deliver ground-breaking mobile app maintenance solutions that increase productivity, generate more revenue, and diminish cost. Here are some valid points why DoTechon is the right company you should trust to maintain your business app.

Dedicated Professionals

We have team of dedicated professionals who are connoisseurs of cutting-edge technology and strive to bring out the best solutions.

Appropriate Experience

Our experts hold excellent technical knowledge and experience using the latest tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies.

On-time delivery

We value the time of ours and our clients. Hence, we plan things according to the deadline and deliver without any glitches.

Affordable Service

Our mobile app maintenance service is incomparable, comprehensive, and affordable to help your mobile app perform effectively post-launch.

Friendly Communication

We ensure friendly and fast communication with our clients to exchange our ideas and suggestions to find the best solution.

Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to quality service because 100% customer satisfaction is our goal every time our services are rendered.

Opting Our Services

Mobile App Maintenance Lifecycle


Understand and document the scope of work, critical parameters for knowledge transfer and construct a team accordingly.


Understand the environment for which maintenance is required. Perform dry-runs and quality testing for benchmarking.


We offer maintenance, review & control, benchmark performance and improve coordination as well as changes to support processes.


Our team of experts offers steady state support, updates, versioning and end-user support.

Get the Latest Benefits

Exceptional Mobile App Maintenance Services

DoTechon provides mobile app maintenance services to keep your mobile app up-to-date with market challenges, technology shift, transforming user needs, etc. We boost your product’s speed, security, scalability, performance and thus ROIs of your business. Our team monitors your application to find the glitches and resolve them quickly.
We focus on enhancing your product’s performance to help you provide your customers with quality, timely service to make them satisfied.
As an app maintenance company, we reduce the possible threat of data security and make sure your business data is secure.
We assist your application function smoothly in any condition, reduce computing time and also resources required by your application.
Our team track bug-infected code and fix issues instantly, to lower the possibility of portability failure and improve your app’s reliability.
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Mobile App Maintenance – Make Your App Quick and Engaging

App maintenance is very crucial and each app on the store requires it to survive. Things such as new device releases, new OS releases, functional needs, etc. are a couple of reasons you should opt for an app maintenance plan. As a business owner, you should focus on spending on long-term maintenance to reap the benefits, such as:

Updated Mobile Apps

Mobile app maintenance includes monitoring users' preferences with changing time and updating a mobile app that meets their experiences.

Reducing Uninstalls

If you keep your mobile app well-maintained, error-free, and updated that meet the user expectations, this will reduce uninstalls.

Improved User Experience

Improved user experience leads to build up long-term relationships with users and attract more positive reviews.

Increased ROI

When you frequently update your app, you can reap ample financial benefits, such as capitalize on ROI.

Decrease Downtimes

App maintenance helps to curtail downtimes, leading to a decrease in heavy losses and earn happier users.

Securing Mobile App

Mobile app maintenance helps identify loopholes and secure personal and financial information to prevent it from the hacker.

Need of Mobile App Maintenance

The story does not end with mobile app development. A robust app requires maintenance to survive in the market where daily new apps launch with similar ideas as yours.

New app market rules

New app market policies need attention, so if your mobile app doesn’t follow the rules, it may get banned from the platform.

New devices

New smartphones and tablets launch every year. Ensure that their users can make the most of your app on their latest devices.

New software versions

You have to update every part of your mobile app (libraries, frameworks) and make an app to perform well on new OS versions.

Mobile App Maintenance Stats

The mobile app market is advancing at a fast pace. Connected customer experiences are viewed as a need from businesses and services alike. Hence app maintenance is essential to reach your target audiences and meet the expectations.

Ruling Smartphone Market

62% of people uninstall an app due to mobile crashes or errors. Testing and updating the app frequently can reduce crashes/errors.

Most Apps are Free-To-Use

21% of apps are used just once during the initial 6 months.

Available in Different Languages

71% of app users churn within the initial 90 days of installing an app.

Accurate Traffic Checking

50.6 % of users uninstall the mobile app if it takes a lot of space on the device’s memory.

Mobile App Maintenance with Data Security 

A mobile app is the primary successful stage for your business and having mobile application maintenance is the second smart stage to step on. When you choose DoTechon, you will 360-degree mobile app maintenance service, which covers-

Data Security

Mobile app maintenance keeps your app data secure and away from unexpected malware and bugs.

Consistent App Maintenance

Whether you are an agency, individual, enterprise or a start up, mobile apps transform the way you do your business.

Well Maintained App Leads to Financial Benefits in Long Run

A mobile app that’s maintained and updated frequently can bring many financial benefits, such as expanded ROI and reduced costs.

Creating an impressive app for the first time is indeed impossible. You’ll possibly face occasional bugs post-launch of your app. Monitoring your app spreads the expenses of fixing these bugs over an extended timeframe. Updating mobile apps frequently can likewise help you boost your ROI over time. You can continually search for better ways to reduce your costs and procure new users. Even better, you can get present users to engage and convert more often by bringing new features to the table and checking their usage over time.


Do you have mobile app maintenance related questions in mind? Here, our experts have provided answers to the questions that are frequently asked by our clients.
Mobile app maintenance services include uptime monitoring, bug tracking, debugging and fixing, security updates, backups, UI/UX enhancement. All these services help keep the mobile app fully secure, fast, robust and engaging.
There are myriads of mobile app maintenance benefits such as data security, better user experiences, increased app efficiency, building a brand, improved reliability, keeping mobile app competitive, reducing uninstalls, and profit in the long-run.  – It saves cost and time  – Gives the flexibility to work with developers – Tech expertise that you want at a single place – Smooth workflow – Great reliability in work
Maintenance is crucial for every mobile app, whether it is an education app, business app, travel app or utility app. For instance, if you own a shopping app that has n number of active users per day, complicated architecture, and a vast database with low security, your app actually requires continuous maintenance rather than just one-time.
The mobile app maintenance cost is not accurate or fixed. It is solely based on your mobile app type, size, frequency, complexity, add values, updates requirements and several other aspects.
Initially, we would go through your mobile app, conduct analysis, prepare a plan and share it with you for further discussion. Ensure that your mobile app remains updated and highly responsive. We identify and solve all the issues and errors from the mobile app flow to add new features to make it a more impressive, compelling and successful mobile app.

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