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Using efficient testing frameworks and strategies to make your app deliver unparalleled user experience and probably best performance.

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Why Investing in Mobile App Testing Services is Beneficial?

With the considerable number of mobile devices extending the number of people on earth, making your app mobile-ready is crucial to maintain today’s digital consumers’ happiness. Do you know around 25% of online users uninstall an app after using it for once and never reinstall it, which implies that all the time, efforts, and money spent on the app development were gone in vain? How to decrease this alarming rate? The only solution to this problem is quality mobile app testing that DoTechon is all set to offer.

As a Hybrid App Testing Company Delhi, we have built our forte in mobile testing services, precisely in testing apps on iOS and Android devices. We have expertise in performing every type of hybrid mobile apps testing that involves an optimized mobile test automation approach that includes a single test suite both on the mobile as well as non-mobile versions of the app.

Our Service Areas

Services We Cover

We are a highly emerging testing company leveraging our ability to profound expertise in delivering quality Mobile App Testing Services in India to businesses.

Mobile Functional Testing

Test cases are designed strategically for mobile apps to reduce risk with maximum coverage.

Mobile Compatibility Testing

This is performed to check app compatibility across OS, devices, browsers, backward and forward system support.

Mobile Usability Testing

This is done to measure both user impressions and specific outcomes to deliver valuable app feedback before it goes live.

Mobile Security Testing

Security testing can identify where to boost efficiency, cut downtime and maximize throughput to improve the app.

Mobile Performance Testing

This helps identify peak load limits and bottlenecks in both the mobile devices and associated servers.

Test Automation

A data-driven and keyword-driven approach is applied to test automation for performance, functional and regression testing.

Super Effective Mobile Testing

Our mobile testing service and solutions ensure that your app works flawlessly across mobile devices that result in:

Increased efficiency

Improved quality

Fast Loading


Mobile App Testing Solutions Ensuring Best-in-Class End-User Experience

Do you know even small changes in network conditions, touch screen reaction, etc., can strongly affect the app performance? DoTechon’s expertise in mobile testing services catered after competently building up interactive apps is incomparable. We perform testing on real devices environment with superb ability. We technically guarantee mobile apps for their excellent functioning, performance, and reputation.

Testing Technology Stack & Tools

At DoTechon, we use the best industry tools as well as software setups to test your mobile apps, ensuring that the mobile testing is complete and cost-effective.

Apache Maven

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Testing Services to Us

Mobile App Testing is a great solution to ensure the reliability, quality, functionality, consistency, usability, and integrity of apps. However, it can be intricate as there is no single best strategy, which fits all apps. An efficient way out for businesses would be to outsource the mobile app testing to DoTechon. Here are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app testing services to us:

Great Expertise

Save Cost and Time

Quality Assurance

End-to-end service

Leverage on Modern Technologies

Delegate Task

Scalability and Security

24*7 technical support

By outsourcing their testing needs, businesses can handle testing costs, boost the test coverage and management overhead as well as accelerate their app development life cycle and monetize it rapidly.

Why Choose DoTechOn?

At DoTechon, we are assisting our global customers in accomplishing their business goals. We offer mobile app testing across a range of domains to ensure a flawless mobile experience. Here are valid reasons why DoTechon is the best mobile testing company.   

Dedicated Testing Team

We have a trained pool of mobile testers who hold great testing experience in functional testing and usability testing.

Great Experience

Our mobile testers use the latest mobile testing tools to provide end-to-end mobile app testing services.

Continuous Communication

Continuous communication produces better results. We keep our clients informed regarding the changes made during app testing.

On-time delivery

We use a predefined practice to keep the testing time considerate and make sure on-time project delivery.

Cost-Effective Service

Our mobile app testing service is exceptional, comprehensive, and cost-effective to help your mobile app achieve success in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer dedicated customer service and understand our clients vision so well to help them achieve their goals.

Opting Our Services

Mobile Testing Lifecycle

Project Requirements

The mobile testing team will go through your project requirements and find out loopholes (if any).

Design Test Cases

The testing team choose the target devices and prepare test cases as well as test suites accordingly.


The mobile testing team conduct testing, identify and report the bugs to the project manager and developers.

Analyzing test results

The mobile testing team covers testing results giving detailed information and test reports throughout the given cycle.

Get the Latest Benefits

Get Foremost Mobile App Testing Services

At DoTechon, we offer a complete suite of mobility testing services that cover every mobile app element, such as speed, performance, testing behavior on different devices, and more. Our creative mobility testing services give our clients reliable help in providing mobile apps with reduced overall cost and time-to-market.

 We cater mobile app testing solutions with the perfect blend of the latest testing tools technology to our clients based on their requirements.

 With manual and automated testing, we implement comprehensive and advanced approaches to provide a hassle-free mobile app.

Groundbreaking mobile app testing service ensures the highest level of scalability, usability and compatibility on mobile devices.

Get load, spike, stability, stress, and scalability testing to confirm the quality of your application’s performance.

Mobile App Testing – Launch a Bug-Free Mobile App

The cost of a bug in a mobile app launch can be devastating. Bugs cause a storm of negative feedback that results in bad reviews and low ratings on App Store or Google Play – and one-star-rated apps hardly entice new users. But if you consider taking mobile app testing seriously, then there are best chances to rank high.

Build Your Brand

A bug-free and impressive app is most loved by the users and gains appreciation that contributes to its success.

Attracts Loyal Customers

If all factors of your mobile app make sense, more users will engage with your app because its functionality is reputable.

Better UI/UX

Testing allows specialists to think from end-users’ viewpoint and assess the app’s look-and-feel to predict if customers use it or delete it forever.

Proper Functioning

Testing ensures that mobile apps are functioning smoothly on various platforms and interacts well with the desired infrastructure as expected.

Increased Customer Loyalty

When appropriate usability and functioning are guaranteed, customers are likely to engage more and be satisfied.

Higher Revenues

Testing helps avoid fixing issues and redeveloping a product at the final stage, facilitating a quick time-to-market.

Mobile App Testing Stats that Surprise You

With mobile apps have taken over the world, it is essential to test the mobile app before launch. The app stats show how testing plays an important role in the development pipeline.

70% of users leave an app due to its long loading time.

65% of users don’t consider the brand because of its poor mobile experience.

77% of mobile users think about the app performance before they purchase.

50% of consumers choose to delete a mobile app if they find a single bug or error.

Boosting Quality Assurance at Competitive Prices

DoTechon’s mobile testing automation strategy results in accelerating project timeless, improve quality assurance and ensures competitive pricing.

Mobile apps can be intricate creatures. They often require continuous testing to make sure performance, functionality, and user engagement. From the beginning to the ending line, DoTechon’s mobile app testing services are with you consistently. We’ll test your mobile applications of different platform-and-device combinations to make sure your app provides an extraordinary user experience with rich functionality. 


Is Mobile App Testing your biggest worry? Here are some frequently asked questions to address your issues with mobile application test automation.

The variety of tools are Appium, Robotium, selenium, JMeter, Load runner, and different tracking tools like JIRA, Rally, Bugzilla, and HP QC, etc.

The benefits of automation testing in regression testing that help save time are that a plethora of test cases have to be done persistently. So, automation testing will write the scripts to test the similar functionality many times. Performance and load testing can be done through or the ideal approach as it needs simulation of thousands of simultaneous users and devices, which can be feasible through tools only. Such tools are like load runner.

The estimated development cost is based on different factors like the size as well as the complexity of the project. We would recommend you to connect with our mobile app testing experts for a more detailed and accurate cost estimation of the project.

A couple of challenges for testing the mobile applications are such as scripting, Device availability, compatibility, an application should be downloadable usually from an app store, a plethora of mobile devices, application to receive the call, mobile network operators, the way of testing.

The actual testing time would be based on the features & complexity of your application. As a mobile app testing company, we hear our client’s concerns before we talk! We believe that a good understanding of requirements and our customer-centric approach always enable us to deliver customized solutions that surpass customer expectations.

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